Buy Shri Mohini Vashikaran Yantra on Bhojpatra

Shri Mohini Vashikaran Yantra is considered a mystical marvel of ancient Indian science. This yantra is well-known to use for love and good relationship. Shri Mohini Vashikaran Yantra is useful to attract someone you love or to get the life partner of your choice. This yantra can be used for a good relationships to attract male or female life partners with good intentions.

Guideline: To enhance more energy one can chant the below-given mantra every day for 108 times using the Vashikaran Mala, take bath in the morning, clean your yantra with raw milk, if possible put your yantra on a yellow cloth, sit facing east side, light incense or diya, lay fresh flower or fruits and chant the mantra. To program your yantra, put yantra on the left hand, right hand above it, express your wish with lots of unconditional love. The yantra can be kept on the north-east side of home or pocket, wallet/purse, or in the car to see frequently. Keep yantra in cover, frame, cloth never put you yantra on ground and make sure no one should see except you.

Mantra: “ Om Lakeem Lakeem Mum Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha “

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