What happens right before a twin flame union?

Oh wow! I was thinking of how I would describe my feelings and sensations right now to any Twin Flame who hasn’t reached this phase and I must say, this is the right question to help me do it!

Before I go into details, one thing that beats my mind about being a Twin Flame is how love can “hurt” in the most beautiful way!

I feel intense feelings of unconditional love, euphoria, and bliss but I don’t know what to do with myself! I feel like my chest is soon breaking open because of too much love.

Lately, when I wake in the morning, my heart smiles. I am so happy with my life situation: everything has completely changed to how I want it to be. My life aligns with my authentic self – I feel brand new and marvelous!

From my experience, if Union with your Twin Flame is meant to be, you feel it coming close because you look and feel ready for a second chance. Also, your Soul feels it too!

Energy Growth/Change:

If you had been chasing your Twin Flame previously, you feel your energy dynamic changing from Chaser energy to feelings of bliss, harmony, and balance. (Chaser Pain) The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

But, before you get to feel harmonized and balanced, you go through a phase of minor emotional turbulence especially if your Twin Flame partner is still struggling to harmonize their energy because harmony is only achieved if you are both energetically aligned. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy: A simple Spiritual Guide As the Twin Flame Chaser, how do you Surrender and focus on yourself as you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame someday?

I have been experiencing this phase for over two months now; other people call it the “ illumination stage”.

Your heart radiates only unconditional love for your Twin Flame:
It doesn’t matter what your Twin Flame did to you earlier to separate and it doesn’t matter what you did.

By the time you get to this phase, all the frustration, pain and anger are dissolved. Your Twin Flame Process teaches you lessons of forgiveness both for yourself and others. You learn to understand that fear is a matter of perspective and pain is natural. These are the mostly Asked Questions about the Runner Twin Flame with the most interesting answers.

When you look back on your journey from this stage, you don’t remember what exactly your Twin Flame did wrong because you have a fresh perspective towards yourself, your Twin Flame and your life situation. Runner Return Signs: A Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

Because of the Soul lessons learned, you feel brand new and you want to start over with your Twin Flame.

You feel like you are your Twin Flame in Essence:
Every time I look in the mirror lately, I see my Twin Flame smile back at me. It is the most beautiful feeling ever!

Apart from seeing yourself the way your Twin Flame does, you completely surrender your future to the universe because you know how your Twin Flame feels for you!

Are you asking any of these questions about a Runner Twin Flame?

The authenticity of the Twin Flame Connection is that there is feedback in the connection. No matter what you are feeling, you feel your Twin Flame on the other end of the connection both in receiving and sending back to you. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

The TWIN-FLAME Connection becomes clear in this phase.

There comes a time when the Twin Flame chaser surrenders to the connection after experiencing the stress and exhaustion of chasing the divine counterpart. What are some of the tips to help you with Surrender

Every time I send love to my Twin Flame in my heart, I feel him receive it but sometimes he sends me back heavy feelings of longing that make me cry. His sad feelings make me moody and restlessness.

Two hearts beating as one:
If your Twin Flame Connection is real, you get to know it by this phase of the Twin Flame Process.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain – How to Recover from Separation – How do you keep enjoying your life when you desperately want to be with your Twin Flame?

If you have been going through an obsession, you will also understand by this phase that you had been delusional all along.

(Don’t wait to reach this phase to check if you are going through a Twin Flame Connection or not, be real with yourself every day!)

Because your hearts beat as one unit you and your Twin Flame, it is very uncomfortable to feel it at first but you learn to ease it into the new feelings as you embrace your development of the Twin Flame Connection.

11 Signs Your Twin Flame or Soul Mate Union Is Close:

  1. When you think of your Twin/Soul Mate, there is zero negativity, sadness, or anger. There is no neediness or obsession, there is only a feeling of love and harmony. All lower vibrations have been cleared out and you feel a sense of renewal within yourself. You just know Union is yours and that you are headed there.
  2. You are happy, excited, and elated for no apparent reason. Not much has transpired or changed in your immediate surroundings or circumstances, you are just HAPPY. You are radiating love without any conditions causing you to do so; in other words you have now become unconditional.
  3. You are no longer being chased all day, everyday by repeating numbers and synchronicities. Many people find comfort in the signs and synchs, but they are actually there as a course correction and they are there to assist you to get you on your path to Union. 11:11 will still be present but the bombardment of signs will lessen, because you are now on the correct path.
  4. Many, if not all aspects of your life have fallen into harmony and Union. Your financial situation, living conditions, and working life are all up to your standards and you are very comfortable and happy exactly where you are.
  5. You are able to manifest almost anything at the drop of a hat, not only for yourself but for others as well.
  6. You have successfully processed through Ascension and Dark Night of the Soul. (WIll make a separate post on this.)
  7. You are in full understanding that there is nothing outside of yourself. You are completely aware that however you are feeling within yourself is what gets mirrored back through your circumstances. You take full responsibility for the life that you are living and you are no longer placing any blame “over there”, or on “that person”, especially not on your Twin/Soul Mate. You are fully realized and know that everything you experience or have ever experienced was simply a projection of your thoughts and feelings being made manifest.
  8. Aside from a few bumps here and there, your interactions with the people around you are very harmonious. You have no massive “drama” with anyone in your life and those that you did have misunderstandings with have either mended or have fallen away completely.
  9. Not caring so much anymore about whether or not you Unite. While paradoxical, you stop caring as much as you used to about Union. This is a sign that you have become whole and complete within and you now no longer need anyone else to save or complete you. You are whole and in harmony within, which then allows your outer reality to mirror this back to you.
  10. If any arguments, misunderstandings, or hurt feelings do arise surrounding your Twin Flame/Soul Mate, you immediately look within yourself to see what is being mirrored back to you. You quickly and efficiently do the work to identify the underlying lack belief that you are holding and clear it out in order to move forward. You do not blame your Twin or anyone else when a situation arises and do not lash out, you hold up your metaphorical mirror and look at yourself instead.
  11. You are a vibrational match to Union. You are feeling within yourself the way you expect Union to feel, even though it hasn’t occurred yet. This makes you a magnet for Union and will draw the experience to you. You are now at an identical vibrational frequency to Union.

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How do you know your twin flame loves you?

I will draw examples from my own life experience of being ghosted by my divine partner.

There is different reasons that lead to separation between Twin Souls and when it happens, it is vital for you to focus on your own healing which is quite challenging because of the shared energy and the unconditional love between you and your twin that keeps pulling at your heart.

You feel a void within yourself that cannot be filled with anything but the Twin Flame love. There is no doubt that a Twin Flame loves you. The Dark Night Of The Soul: Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening.

You physically feel you heart breaking into tiny pieces when you feel a Twin Flame. You feel emotional desolation; you have sleepless nights.

You literally feel half of your soul missing: Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

You always dream of your Twin Flame and you can also feel your shared energy while you are sleeping.

The love for each other is tested; you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame and you keep remembering how happy you are when you are with them. You dream of them, and every time you close your eyes, you see their face and their eyes.

For me I was obsessed with Constantly checking his social media and texts just to feel that live connection. I could text him and just pour out my feelings which pushed him further away.

Are you asking any of these Questions about the Twin Flame Chaser?

I was naive about how it all works. I thought that I had done something wrong to push him away: I learned to stop stressing about my Twin Flame’s well-being and Surrendered like this!

Sometimes if you try to move on from the connection with your Twin Flame and date someone new, it feels like you are cheating on your Twin Flame.

If you try to deny the intense love that you feel for your Twin Flame, you are constantly bombarded by things that remind you of them like signs, smells, sounds, and you run into people who remind you of your divine lover.

What is excruciating is the fact that sometimes your Runner Twin Flame may ignore you by not responding to your calls, emails, texts and can even block you on social media without you doing anything major.

It is an emotional reaction to you and the Connection because they can not handle the intensity of their feelings for you.

I have also learned that if you embody negative feelings and thoughts of separation and abandonment, your Twin can also automatically repel you. Remember they feel your pain too.

How do you know that even if they don’t talk to you, your Twin still cares and loves you as they love themselves: Tips to Manage the difficult Twin Flame Separation Phase.

It also physically hurts when you miss your Twin Flame; you get love-sick and some days feel like you are in limbo with constant feelings of helplessness and restlessness.

Longing for a Twin Flame never stops and you always feel a love pulling at your heart as a form of affirmation that your Twin Flame is feeling you and also longing to be back with you.

Here is how to know if your Twin Flame Runner loves you and misses you the way you miss them.

Energy Share:

When in moments of sorrow or sadness, your Twin is right there with you! Even in moments of joy and happiness too! Sometimes they can send you feelings of love through sexual feelings and intimacy. You can feel their energy embracing you and comforting you. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy

Sometimes it feels like you are having mental conversations together.

If you need some energy healing tips, these simple practices helped me to finally find inner Harmony and Peace.

No matter how much you try to keep your old habits, routines and also stay around your old friends and keep your old relationships, the change that happens in your life is alchemical and starts from within — once you feel the inner transformation, it manifests in your physical life situation. The Bubble Love Phase: How do you feel when you meet your Twin Flame initially?

They keep in touch through other means:

My Twin Flame keeps updating my close mutual friends every time I write to him; he messages or calls with a full detailed update in response to my texts.

He also knows that I will receive the information in a certain way so he says our code words that we use or gives me hints of what he really means. Even if he does not respond directly, he cares to show that he reads my messages.

Once in a blue moon he can text me a few brief words usually if he is in s very thankful mood.

The best thing to do if you are new to the Twin Flame experience is accepting that everything about you and your life will change forever — and every day after you meet your Twin Flame becomes about you and your Twin Flame connection.

I know you must have your own way of communication with your Twin but you know that they never leave you always! The Bubble Love Phase: How do you feel when you meet your Twin Flame initially?

They are always with you in energy and spirit. I learned this after I faced my past pain and dark emotions that were clogging our connection. After Surrender and healing, I always acknowledge my twin Soul with me. In my thoughts and feelings and he is always inspiring me for the best.

Separation is an illusion. Time and Space makes us believe that we are alone but energy is always merging.

The Twin Flame experiences exist to unlock more gifts of love into your life creating a meaningful life, helping those around you understand what happiness feels like, and living a life of authenticity.

It is all about opening your heart to feel and embrace love within yourself even though the first steps are overwhelming especially if you are not used to feeling vulnerable. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite again.

Are There Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You?

You are probably familiar with the premise behind your twin flame. Your twin flame is your energetic mirror. They vibrate with the very same energy that you vibrate with. That is the reason that your twin flame feels so familiar to you. Your thoughts, beliefs, values, and morality are the same as the thoughts, beliefs, values, and morality of your twin flame.

Yet, unfortunately, twin flames have to ride out the emotional conflicts that end up creating disbelief in us, and make us question the love of our twin flame for us. It will often leave us looking for signs that our twin flame actually loves us.

Luckily, there are signs that your twin flame loves you, and they are quite tangible. These are some of the signs that your twin flame really and truly loves you, no matter the circumstances surrounding their absence at the moment.

What Is Telepathic Connection?

It seems as though your twin flame can tap into your thoughts, often providing us with relief during times of absolute agony for whatever reason. They are your safe place, and even if you try to hide your emotions and reality from your twin flame, they can see through it to the truth. They are telepathically connected and can feel your feelings about the matters that are bothering you.

Is There A Magnetic Draw?

Even if you are literally separated from your twin flame by oceans, you’re drawn to them at all times. You’ll feel restless until you’re physically near them again. When they return to you, you’ll never want to let them leave again. You know internally that you don’t feel whole unless your twin flame is near you.

Is There Silent Seduction?

It doesn’t require locking eyes, or even the touch of their hand. Just their presence seems to ignite a fiery romance between the two of you, and it is continuously burning.

What Is Deja Vu?

Even though you don’t know why it feels so familiar to you, every moment you spend with your twin flame you feel certain that you have met them in another life. You can confide anything to them. It’s not awkward between you, no matter the scenario. You just have a sense of familiarity with them, and you cherish their company. You make your future plans centered around the fact that they will be a part of your life. It is simply understood.

Do You Feel Awakened?

You may feel a burst of energy that seems to come from out of nowhere. You are constantly bombarded by signs of them, from scents, to scenes, to people who look like them. It’s as though the entire universe is alive with visions and ideas that remind you of your twin flame. It seems as though everyone and everything is some sort of tribute to your twin flame.

The Two Of You Are The Same, But So Different

Together, you make the perfect yin and yan. You are so similar, but at the same time, so different from one another. You are mirror opposites, both the same person, but the opposite of one another.

Once You Meet, Your Paths Always Cross

Again, it can seem as though the entire universe is trying to push the two of you together. Everywhere that you look, you see them. Places that you would never expect to see them, you run into them. At the market, in a crowded airport, everywhere you look, your twin flame is somehow there. Indeed it is the universe, constantly bringing the two of you back together.

Have You Dreamed Of Them?

Often, we will dream of our twin flame long before we ever actually meet them. They can be in your dreams literally for years before you ever cross paths, but you will know them the moment that you meet them. They are the same loving being from all of the dreams where the two of you were together before you could ever be together physically.

Twin Flames Often Hang Out Together

If you often had dreams of your twin flame prior to meeting one another in person, that was simply the universe telling you to look out for them when you were put in one anothers paths. It was simply the universe making the two of you aware of one another.

Are You Learning About New Aspects Of Yourself?

As you get to know and understand your twin flame, you’ll also get to know and understand yourself on a new level. You’ll begin to see the things that you love about your twin flame being manifested in you.

As you recognize the beautiful qualities that your twin flame has, it can teach you how to love those very same qualities in yourself. That is the very point of your twin flame, to help you see the you that you truly are, not the flawed and skewed version of yourself that your mind sees in the mirror. Because of the beauty you see in your twin flame, you can begin to see that very same beauty inside of yourself.

Is There Instant Recognition?

When you meet your twin flame, it will be one of those situations where you swear you’ve met them before, you just can’t place where the meeting happened. There is a feeling of instant recognition when you meet your twin flame, and you’ll feel as though you know them, you just can’t put your finger on the meeting spot.

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How do you know if your twin flame misses you?

One of the worst parts of the twin flame journey is that of separation. For some, it brings fear and uncertainty of things like false twin flame connections while others have no doubt they’ve met their true twin flame. There is one universal rule though – this phase is going to hurt. Emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically.

During this phase, it’s perfectly normal to want to know if you’re alone in this or if the other person is going through the same struggle. So this is my guide on how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you and what to do about it.

Does My Twin Flame Miss Me?

Let’s tackle this one first of all as it’s one of the more common questions we get (in fact if you haven’t already read it I suggest reading my guide in twin flame stages understanding this is key).

I always loved this quote and I think it fits this stage of the twin flame journey very well:

The short answer here is – yes.

We’ve covered the twin flame runner’s feelings before but the important bit you need to understand is that they’re feeling the same thing as you are but the runner is generally not spiritually awakened enough to be able to process these feelings in the same way. Your twin flame misses you but is going to process that feeling in a different way.

Rather than wanting to run toward you, the runner’s instinct is telling them to run. You can spot the signs of them thinking of you, however (because I guarantee they are whether they want to admit it to themselves or not).

Signs Your Twin IS Thinking About You Now

Your twin flame journey is full of signs and symbols along your journey. Most you’ll never notice and they exist entirely for your subconscious but if you keep yourself alert and searching for them you’ll start to spot it happening around you. Your runner flame is experiencing the same signs – usually at the same time.

I’ve done a number of twin flame readings even recently where the chaser was experiencing a lot of these signs but hadn’t noticed until they were pointed out. Remember this kind of thing is actually happening before the two of you even physically meet. You’ve subconsciously become so used to them that it can be hard to notice until you start actively looking.

Energetic Aura

When your twin flame is missing you, you could feel a sense of energy going through you. You would feel this unexplainable feeling of immense energy and electromagnetic aura in your body. With this energy, you get the sudden urge to get out of your comfort zone and be more productive than usual whether it’s finding a new hobby or doing something you’ve never done before. Sometimes this means being more productive or working harder than usual.

A common trait in twin flame connections is the drive to team up and create together on shared goals. This happens more after the union stage but this energetic aura is a common sign that your flame is thinking of you during separation as well. This is certainly one they’ll experience and usually (but not always) they’ll experience it at the same time.

The ‘Soul Tie’
This can be a tricky one to explain if you haven’t felt it yet.

Since you and your twin flame share the same soul (a feeling you don’t get in any other type of connection), the tendency is would be to feel everything that they feel and vice versa.

It’s entirely normal to wonder if your twin flame is thinking about you – and when this thought comes out of nowhere in the middle of the day it’s usually a sign of this soul tie. It’s a reaction to your runner flame wondering if you are thinking about them.

Twin flames naturally feel this unexplainable soul-tie to one another that makes them feel more connected to one another. Whatever emotion the other may feel- anxious, happy, enthusiastic- is also felt by the other. This is also the reason why when one of you experiences an intense wave of emotions, the other person would also feel this by the same intensity.

Shared Dreams or Dreaming of Your Twin Flame

Have you ever heard the saying that if you dream of someone it’s because that person is thinking about you? There’s a strong possibility this old wife’s tale stems from twin flame connections. We’ve covered twin flame telepathy in more detail before but communication through dreams and in the astral realm is common both before and after the union phase.

Even if you don’t share the exact same dream (which does happen) dreaming of them is commonly your subconscious reaction to them missing you. The question is really whether or not they’re aware of that themselves.

That Gut Feeling
If you have this feeling that they indeed are thinking about you and are missing you, then you’re probably right.

There’s just something tying your souls together and most often than not, when it comes to twin flames, both of you are usually thinking of each other. There’s just a certain connection between the both of you that can’t be explained. Even without the signs, you probably know in your gut that they’re thinking of you the moment that you’re thinking of them as well.

They Make You Feel Loved

A twin flame connection is like no other. You can feel a sense of comfort from holding a family member or pet but nothing will compare to the feeling you get from your twin flame. It gets stronger after the union phase but even during separation – thinking of them (or them thinking of you) will give you a feeling like no other.

A sudden wave of comfort and safety out of nowhere is generally a strong sign your twin is thinking about you. They’ll get a similar feeling of safety and love when you think of them.

Silence (Yes, Really)

twin flame silenceI’ve covered a specific post on twin flame silent treatment but people are generally surprised it can actually be a sign they are thinking about you. We’re in constant need of a connection whether we know it or not and we’re only satisfied in silence when we have that subconscious 5D telepathic connection.

Silence can be the strongest form of communication in itself. Sometimes, when both you and your twin flame share silence, it can also be a sign that they miss you. You already share the same soul, so you don’t need words to verbally get a point across to the other. One of the advantages of having a twin flame is that even without telling them, they probably already know. Sometimes they know you better than you do yourself. When they miss you or in moments that you consume their thoughts, they can just be silent about it.

Spiritual Connection

Part of the entire twin flame journey is that you both further each other spiritually. Other people (including soulmates and karmic partners) can contribute but there’s nothing quite like your twin flame for a spiritual connection.

There’s just a certain spiritual connection between that of twin flames that no matter how far they are from each other, even if they are miles apart, they sense the mood of the other. It’s as if there’s an invisible thread that ties these two souls to one another and when one misses the other, they feel this exact emotion even from miles away. Again, another beautiful aspect with that of a twin flame. There’s just a certain energy that you get to experience and feel when it’s regarding the emotions of your twin flame.

Your Passions Are Their Passion

This is similar to the energetic aura in your work. When your twin shares an interest and you randomly feel the urge to share that interest when apart it’s a strong sign they’re thinking of you and sharing that interest subconsciously.

When together, you can really confirm that they miss you or are thinking about you if they can’t stop talking about the things you’re passionate about and the things that make you happy, in general. Of course, why else would you talk about the other person’s passions if you aren’t thinking about them right at that precise moment? Sharing your passions with one another is also a sure sign on how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you.

In the end, these are just some signs your twin flame misses you. Generally, you’re going to feel it within yourself that they miss you since you share the same soul, It’s quite impossible that you don’t feel it whenever they experience any kind of emotion for that matter, whether they are missing you or are thinking about you, the universe somehow always makes a way for it to be known to you. After all, meeting your twin flame serves a certain purpose in this universe and that’s the reason you were brought together- to fulfill your destiny and your intended purpose in this world.

If you’re struggling to try and understand your twin flames feelings consider getting a twin flame reading:

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and there’s one thing I see constantly

No two twin flame journeys are ever exactly the same. Sure, we talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are always variations.

The path to your twin flame union is full of pitfalls. False twin flames, doubt and painful separation phases. It can be the hardest thing we’ll ever go through – and it’s still worth it in the end.

We have a lot of guides and stories on twin flame journeys but, if you need it, I also do custom twin flame readings to get as much insight as I can into your journey.

I can help pinpoint if you’ve met your twin flame already, if you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame or what you need to do to meet them if you haven’t already.

Just answer honestly and with as much detail as possible. Anything you tell me will be in the strictest confidence.

Please note this is a custom reading based on your journey and can take up to 24 hours to prepare and send to you.

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How do you Recognise your twin flame?

If you aren’t ready for a relationship that is going to completely transform you, then the door for your Twin Flame to appear is not open yet.

Twin Flame relationships are, in my understanding, the top tier of the phrase “soulmate”. When your soul was just a spark, when Consciousness was getting to know itself, there was a decision made to split that spark in two. Think of cell division. When this soul spark settled into a new expression of duality, a Twin Flame connection was born. This is what people mean when they talk about the “other half”, and it validates some truth of “opposites attract”. The soul spark that was once whole, complete, and unified now has the opportunity to recognize itself from its opposite – a masculine and feminine energy of complementary duality. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one party incarnates as male and one as female, but when the Twins come together, they each offer an embodiment of either and a little bit of both. The purpose of this division is to learn about oneself through its mirror.

That is why Twin Flame relationships tend to be the most passionate, the most chaotic, and the most powerful connection in the Universe. It is said that when Twin Flames find each other, the vibration of the unity consciousness grid rises up even more, because when these two souls find each other, their energy shifts from duality back into unity. The two sides of the same coin do not recognize each other, but they complete a whole nonetheless. And it is not a situation that is all airy-fairy and Disney Princess worthy. It is a crash-course to knowing your Self through your Twin. It is messy, and terrifying, and exhilarating, and nerve-wracking. It’s like pulling out all your secrets from the back of the closet and airing them out for criticism. But, here’s the catch – when you find that Twin Flame, there is nothing in the Universe that can stop them from loving you, no matter what type of crazy stuff you pull out of that closet. Because they’re going to be showing you all their “awkward phase” photos, secret journals, and guilty pleasures too… and you will still love them the same.

The purpose of Twin Flame relationships is to experience the highest highs and lowest lows. And still stay rooted in Unconditional Love. These relationships exist to give us a crash-course on LIFE and learning. We come together to show our wounds, share our triumphs, and shower someone in Divine Love. Twins have a soul agreement to help each other move through unresolved karma, release painful experiences, look at their Shadow sides, and play a part in the healing of the collective through their recovered Unity.

If you are still holding onto your wounds, being stubborn in your path of liberation, or gripping to a fear-based “Reality”, you are not ready for your Twin Flame. Or, you have denied your Twin Flame. These relationships do not have to be intimate in nature; Twin Flames can be expressed as familial relationships, coworkers, teacher-student or even just acquaintances. Personally, I believe that when you have reached the partnership of lovers, I believe you have cleared much of the karma you were meant to do together and it is an honor to have reached that level. However, this is just my experience and I cannot speak for every soul agreement between every Twin Flame partnership out there. I have heard of Twin Flames just barely brushing paths in a life and that too can be a part of the agreement, probably for personal and independent growth for both parties. Maybe their soul mates had more to teach them than their Twin, and that holds no judgement. Every single expression is different, and that is why there are so many expressions to be had.

Destiny brought my Twin Flame to me at a young age. I was 17 when I met him, and he was 22. Besides the uncertainty of the age gap, our connection was immediate and hard to ignore. The Universe brought us together first by happenstance – he moved to my hometown just a month before we crossed paths. Then, almost a year later, we were set up on a blind date. After a rocky start with an on-off theme for most of 2013, we came back together for a steady relationship in spring 2014 and had four and a half years in relationship. People had their qualms and concerns, as they always do, but when you connect with your Twin Flame, it is such an undeniable fact and in the heat of the passion this relationship creates, it doesn’t matter what anybody says. When I met him, his energy was so strong it threw me off. I couldn’t figure out why I was like a moth to a light for him. He was in my thoughts constantly, and when we were together, I would experience this surge of energy that I had never felt before with any other partners. His touch electrified my entire body and he had a way of speaking Truths that I was glued.

I wish I could say it was “love at first sight” but really it was a feeling that I attribute to an approaching storm – I didn’t know how to prepare myself, and I had an inner knowing that this man had more power than anyone in the world to destroy everything I thought I knew about myself and the Universe. In the beginning I tried to bunker down, to hide away my emotions and build my defenses. He waltzed right through them without any resistance. And I found myself so intrigued with the pouring rain and electric lightning pulses that I walked into the eye of the storm and danced with him in it. The storm builds, releases, and creates rainbows as we approach our next life lessons on a constant cycle. That’s not to say that the storm never scared me – at times, it got so intense I wanted to run off to a far away land with only sunshine and flowers. And eventually, I did. I was addicted to the delusions deep inside that made me think me I would never get the depth and the rush of experience that I now crave anywhere else but right in the thick of our weather patterns we created together.

To recognize a Twin Flame relationship, there are some hints and patterns that the Universe gives us to help us remember.

There is an overwhelming connection with them, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

You feel balanced, understood, and aligned with Source energy.

You have dreams and visions of them, and feel their presence coming before they actually appear.

Synchronisties are more prevalent.

Seeing 11:11 or finding things that remind you of them like songs, colors, mutual friends, etc. on a daily basis.

There is a strong sensation of “coming home”.

You feel as though you’ve met this person before. You are able to recall vivid past life memories and some experiences in this life trigger strong emotions because of your history together.

They are complementary to yourself.

There are significant differences in likes and dislikes, personalities, demeanor, strengths and weaknesses. One’s challenges is the others’ strong suit.

You have an extremely telepathic/psychic connection.

With time, Twin Flames develop telepathic communication and understand without words how the other is feeling, thinking, experiencing, etc. You experience emotions together, can tell when they are thinking about you, and simultaneously reach out when you’re apart.

It’s likely that when you met, one or both of you were already in a different relationship or weren’t necessarily ready for a new one.

It takes a large amount of courage, but it is necessary growth and both must be ready.

The relationship is continuously evolving throughout hardships.

Each time an issue is resolved, the relationship becomes stronger and both parties better able to navigate this Earthly realm and its lessons. You share similar goals and can get through anything together.

Separation feels intense and uncomfortable, and you are both at your best when you’re together.

Although there is a strong psychic connection, physical presence of your Twin Flame feels most natural and you are able to be your best self when in close proximity. It is in my experience that many Twin Flame relationships also have a mandatory period of separation before coming together again down the road.

Your growth and learning curve of human experience is rapidly increased after reuniting with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames help us to realize lessons and help us to experience life at its sweetest, most potent, and incredible vibration. They take you to depths of your soul you have never met before and with this, you see the world in new perspectives.

You practice Unconditional Love.

Your partner may have traits and habits that are undesirable or unappealing, but it is easy to overlook these because your love is so strong. It is separate than overlooking flaws – it is the encouragement to look at these flaws and improve upon them from your partner that causes true growth.

One last thing I’ll say regarding the Twin Flame relationship is that it happens all in Divine and Perfect Timing. There is no rushing into this relationship; it can be agreed upon to carry out personal life lessons for many years (and lovers) before the reunion, or to not meet at all, or to be a brief encounter. Please do not feel like you are alone and that your Twin has abandoned you if you have not met them yet for this life, as that just means there are very important personal growths and other soul contracts to fill in order to be adequately prepared for that partnership. Also, do not feel abandoned if your Twin and yourself have gone opposite ways, as many reunite after some time to experience independence or again, to fill more soul contracts. In my experience, it was very obvious when our soul contract was complete – the relationship started burning out and our lessons started taking us in different directions. It was one of the hardest and most painful decisions I’d ever made. Dig deep and find what resonates with you, and know that we can only control so much in this Earthly realm and most often, it is Source that makes decisions. Only when it is in your highest and best interest will your Twin Flame appear, or leave. The information here is yours to use to manifest them, simply to prepare yourself, or look deeper into your current relationships.

I wish for you all to receive the highest and best lessons that are appropriate for you at the time, and may you recognize your Twin Flame for who they are and grow more familiar with the lessons of Unconditional Love.

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How can I attract my twin flame fast?

Three easy steps that clear your energy field and open your heart. Quickly and easily magnetize your Twin Flame to you!

Step One. Uplevel — Be The Best Version of Yourself You Can Be

The best and quickest way to attract your Twin Flame to you is to work on evolving yourself and clearing any energy blocks that you may have.

There is no guarantee that you will meet your Twin Flame if you do this (you may not have a Soul Agreement to meet), but you greatly increase your chances if you make yourself as ready as possible for the intense quality of a Twin Flame relationship before you meet.

This is why many people meet their Twin Flames just after having completed powerful work on themselves.

Upgrade Your Beliefs

One of the most effective kinds of self-evolution work involves shedding old beliefs that no longer serve us.

We are given beliefs by parents/family and society, and most of us just accept them as true. Everything we think and do is a product of our beliefs. Our entire sense of ourselves and the world is built from our beliefs.

We hold beliefs about everything in the world, including about ourselves. The beliefs we have about ourselves and how we fit into the world influence how we act.

But you want to uplevel your life and attract your Twin Flame! So remember that anything you think of as “true” is simply a belief.

Twin Flame Attraction Activation #1: Sure-Fire Method to Upgrade Your Beliefs Quickly and Permanently
This Twin Flame Attraction Activation method quickly and permanently upgrades your beliefs by clearing your energy field of anything that no longer gets in the way of your highest and best good.

This method is easy to do but might take a few days or even a few weeks to complete fully. You and your Twin Flame are worth the time investment!

  1. List everything you think of as “true” about yourself. This might take you several days to complete.
  2. Make each item a statement as if it is happening right now.

Examples: I am unlucky, I am attractive, I am a slow runner, I eat too much ice cream, I am a smart shopper.

  1. Think about each item on your list. Decide whether it limits you in some way or whether it serves you in your highest and best good.
  2. To do this, say one of your list items to yourself. Notice how your body feels when you say it. Do you feel contracted and tight? Or do you feel expanded and relaxed?

[Contracted and tight = limiting. Expanded and relaxed = highest good]

Using the examples from above, it’s easy to imagine which of them are probably limiting and which contribute to highest good.

I am unlucky — limiting
I am a smart shopper — highest good
I am a slow runner — limiting
I eat too much ice cream — limiting
I am attractive — highest good

  1. It may not be clear to you right away which of your beliefs are limiting and which contribute to your highest good. If you don’t get a clear response from your body from some of your items right away, don’t worry. Just come back to those items in a few days.

Side Effects From Twin Flame Attraction Activation #1
Feel lighter
Smiling a lot
Difficulty sleeping
Vivid dreams
Lightheadedness or dizziness (this passes quickly)
Increased synchronicities

Step Two. Release Energies of Your Past Relationships & Find The Gold

We almost always come to new relationships with emotional “baggage” from the past. This baggage influences how we see our new romantic partner and influences how we act in the new relationship.

To attract our Twin Flame, we need to be as clear from past relationship energies as possible.

To clear away past relationship energies, we give thanks to everything we learned and received from each past relationship. We feel with deep gratitude each lesson we learned or way we grew and evolved as a result of our past relationships.

Release your emotional attachment to the events of your relationships and you will find the gold that awaits you.

Twin Flame Attraction Activation #2: Release The Bonds Of Emotional Baggage Quickly & Easily
Get several pieces of paper, one piece for each person you’ve had a significant relationhip with. Working with one relationhip at a time, write down the following:

the main events of the relationship — the events that stand out for you
for each main event, write how you feel about it (angry, sad, afraid, joyful)


Allow yourself to feel fully whatever you feel about each of the main events that happened for each of your relationships. This process may take you anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete. And you and your Twin Flame are worth this time investment!


Every day, review what you’ve written on your pieces of paper. Notice whether you still feel the emotion you wrote down.


If you still feel the same emotion, for instance anger, keep allowing yourself to feel that anger. Hit pillows. Scream into your hand. Move the energy of that emotion while allowing yourself to feel it.

If you feel a different emotion, process that emotion the way you did the first one by allowing yourself to feel it. Perhaps you now feel sadness, in which case you’ll want to grieve. Let yourself cry, wail, sob.

Continue this process for each event in each of your past relationships until you only feel calm acceptance.


Now you are ready to find the gold! For each main event from each of your past relationships, what do you think you learned or gained? What gold is there for you in that event?

There is always gold in every experience. Now that you have released your emotional attachmemt to the events of your relationships. you are free to see the gold that dwells there for you.

Step 3. Open Your Heart For Your Twin Flame

The last step is to fully open our hearts so that our beautiful heart energy radiates outward from us like a beacon, calling our Twin Flame to us.

When our heart is fully open, it acts as a homing device for our Twin Flame. Our heart energy beams our unique energy signature out into the Universe, announcing the perfect home for our Twin Flame.

To fully open your heart, you must release any fears you may have about being rejected, unlovable, or unworthy. To release these fears, first you must fully feel them.

Twin Flame Attraction Activation # 3: Fail-Proof Method To Permanently Erase Your Fears & Open Your Heart
Most of us hoard little fears about things. We fear we will be rejected. We fear we are unlovable. We fear we aren’t good enough. We hold onto these fears and add energy to them, which makes the fears bigger and makes the chance they will actually come true stronger.

This Twin Flame Attraction Activation method acts as an antidote for this common human condition and reverses it.


Imagine you are meeting your Twin Flame for the first time — and something goes wrong. It isn’t the magical love-at-first-sight experience you yearn for.

[This is not to suggest that you won’t have a magical love-at-first-sight experience! But this method failure-proofs your meeting when it happens!]


Imagine the worst thing that could go wrong when you meet your Twin Flame. What do you fear most?

Perhaps you fear that your Twin outright rejects you. Or refuses to love you. Or deems you unworthy of their amazing love.


Working with one fear at a time, allow yourself to feel your imaginary scenario fully.

Feel what it is like in your body to be rejected, unloved and unlovable, or unworthy. Whatever your fears are, let yourself feel them as if they are real and are happening right now.

Feel all the emotions that arise when you imagine your worst case scenario with your Twin. You might feel angry, sad, hopeless, discouraged, depressed, or afraid. Or all of these!

Let yourself feel everything. The more real you make this for yourself, the better your results will be. This process may take a few days to complete fully.


Allow yourself to wail and sob, to grieve what might have been between you and your Twin Flame if only your [rejection/being unlovable/being unworthy] didn’t exist.


Now that you have cleared the energy of your fears about meeting your Twin Flame, your energy signature shifts into Heart Mode.

Heart Mode is when we are fully open. Our hearts radiate joy and heart energy. We feel light, joyful, and connected to everything in the Universe.

Now you are ready to meet your Twin Flame!

11 Signs Your Heart Is Open And You Are Ready To Meet Your Twin Flame
People hold eye contact with you for a long time
Feels like family members are more aligned with you
Coworkers and friends invite you to more events and outings
People generally want to be around you
You feel light in your body
Find yourself singing or humming much of the day
Desire to do fun, spontaneous things
Start new healthy habits because they seem fun
Strongly feel your purpose is about helping people
Feel a sense of calm and “rightness” about your life you’ve never (or rarely) felt before
Feel a sense of belonging and connection to everything in the Universe

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What are the physical signs that twin flame union is near?

Here are the imminent signs that your Twin Flame thinks of you as much as you think of them.
They contact you and communication starts to flow as if you never separated at all:

When your Twin reconnects with you, it is even much better than before because you will realize how mature they have become. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

You will also be surprised by how much growth and change occurred in their lives after separation. Healing happens on both ends of the Connection.

You feel like you are completely your Twin in energy and in love. You will start feeling a sense of peace, unity and harmony within yourself. You will feel completely ready to face your Twin because you will be ready to embrace unconditional love within yourself.

You start to vibrate energetically in a state of unconditional love. You start to align yourself with friends, people and things that bring out the best in you by expressing unconditional love to everyone and everything not just your Twin. You will attract genuine love from everyone around you. The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

Meeting a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse because you are always haunted by thoughts of them after the initial encounter and the connection that you feel to them does not dissipate or fade but rather it keeps growing within you every day. These tips helped me to quickly Surrender so that I could have some inner peace.

There is no shortcut to experiencing the Twin Flame journey; you will have to go through challenging situations, learn very difficult lessons of unconditional love and evolve into the authentic version of yourself.

Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? These simple tips can help.
You start getting your physical space ready for Union with your twin. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

You will start cleaning your living spaces, purge your house and organize it in a way that serves to host both you and your Twin if they are coming back to where you are. You will just be ready to accommodate them effortlessly. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

I hope that you feel more inspired to keep doing the great work on your Twin Flame journey.

Questions about the Runner; Answers to the most burning questions

You are already doing great so keep up with the good work!

Stay in Love!

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How long do twin flame stages last?

Everyone wants to believe they’re going to meet their twin flame. But in reality, these encounters are rare during a physical incarnation. They may be desirable from the outside the looking in. The idea of a soulmate connection is exciting. But they’re tumultuous and represent a challenging growth experience for both you and your beloved. You don’t just meet your twin flame in every lifetime. It would be asking far too much for you to deal with. A union and/or reunion with your twin flame only happens when you’ve reached a certain stage of your soul’s journey.

The love between twin flames is special. It is unlike any other form of romantic, familial or platonic connection. When you meet your twin flame, sparks fly. For some, they don’t know what’s hit them, and the relationship they enter into seems like it’s both the best and worst thing that ever happened to them. Your twin flame is your mirror. They reflect back to you all of your greatest qualities, as well as your flaws. But the ultimate pay-off is the creation of a bond that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The 8 Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

Although all our relationships are unique, they tend to follow a narrative path, and twin flames are no different. There’s a series of stages from connection all the way to the integration of both souls. It can be a long and difficult journey. Some of those who have soul contracts to unite with their twin soul in this life can’t make the union work. And that’s despite knowing all of the pitfalls that come with these relationships. It’s tough going. So it pays to be aware of the signs of twin flame relationship to help you navigate the rough patches that you’ll inevitably experience.

  1. Recognising That There’s a Missing Part of You

If you’ve ever read Joseph Campbell’s the hero with a thousand faces, or are at all familiar with the hero’s journey, you can think of this stage as the ordinary world. You’re at the start of your journey. But you realise there’s something missing from your life. Both parties are unaware of what’s about to transpire. But both you and your twin flame experience an inkling something dramatic is about to happen in your life. You recognise there is a missing part of your soul. There’s something that feels incomplete, and you realise there is an unfulfilled need that only a certain person out there can provide for you.

  1. The Search Begins for Your Soul Mirror and Beloved

You accept there is more to your world than what’s directly in front of you, the call to action becomes too strong to ignore. You have a knowings that you’ve been set on a path towards finding your twin soul. Although your search has begun in earnest at this point, you may not realise that it’s your twin flame you’re searching for. You’re simply following your intuition. The innate knowing you have leads to an insatiable longing that may see you take up new interests, travel, read more explore new areas of life. All of these actions may be your Higher Self’s ways of creating the circumstances in which you can eventually cross paths with your beloved.

  1. Divine Synchronicity and Meeting Your Twin Flame by Chance

The first meeting you’ll have with your twin flame almost always happen through synchronicity. You’ll find each other seemingly ‘by chance.’ But the prospect of you coming together will have been agreed long before you both came into this physical incarnation. You’ll recognise a deep connection with one another the moment you set eyes on one another. They’ll be an explainable magnetism. You may or may not acknowledge this, depending on your level of spiritual development. In fact, you could write off these feelings. But the deeper part of you will know that this soul has come into your life to have a profound impact on the way you interact with the world.

  1. The Honey Moon Stage of Your Relationship

Once you’ve met your twin flame, it’s inevitable you’ll enter into a relationship of some description. You simply won’t be able to deny your feelings or the circumstances that led to your coming together. This is the honeymoon part of your union. It’s a time of great self-discovery. And as you deepen your connection, you’ll gain an appreciation for each other that transcends physical attraction. You’ll come to realise that you have a true soulmate connection, and the reason for you coming together is to fulfil each other’s needs in a way that no other person could. It will seem almost too good to be true. And in many ways, it is…

  1. The Dark Night of the Soul and Reflecting Each Other’s Shadow

The Dark Night of the Soul and Reflecting Each Other’s Shadow Here is where the challenge of the relationship begins. The shadow work you’ve been brought together to complete. It’s a true test of your commitment to one another. As once the honeymoon period wears off, you’ll be forced to confront your shortcomings as the dynamic shifts from one of unconditional love to emotional purging. This is the stage at which you’ll each become the mirror for each other’s flaws. You’ll each in effect be playing the antagonist towards one another. Each of you will believe you’re right, and the other is wrong. The challenge here is to recognise this pattern as it’s taking place. At this point, your relationship can either turn into dysfunction or can be the springboard to create a stronger, more lasting connection by each playing a supporting role in the other’s development.

6. The Twin Flame Runner

At some point during the purging of one another’s emotional ills, you may feel the need to withdraw. The energy exchange between might just be too intense to handle over a sustained period, and the best thing for both of you is to take an extended break. That is if you’re both of a sufficient maturity to rationalise your situation in this way. Often times, the separation of twin flames can be a combustible affair. This type of love can be volatile. You might never wish to see each other again, only to reconcile a few days, a week or a month later. It’s quite a common pattern to see in twin flame unions. This dynamic is called the twin flame runner. It’s very similar to how a narcissist withdraws to garner more attention and subdue the complaints of their partner.

  1. The Surrender to Your Differences

After the realisation that you’re in a twin flame relationship, letting go of your differences becomes much easier. You see the dynamic as one of growth instead of hardship. And it becomes apparent that you were – and still are – playing a specific role for one another. It doesn’t mark the end of your journey. You’re simply at the start of a new beginning together. You may still have some emotional kinks to work through. But you’ll do so in the knowledge that it’s your purpose for being in a relationship. You’ll still be triggered, but recognising when this happens will be much easier. You can surrender fully to the process of personal development because you’ll have reached a place of non-judgment. You’ll be able to give your permission to be vulnerable in a more authentic, knowing that when your partner questions you, it’s to make you think and not to belittle your character.

  1. The Final Reunion and Integration of Your Souls

Twin flames relationships don’t exist to cause you harm. There would be no point in being in them otherwise. You want to reap the rewards of doing your inner work and progressing on your spiritual journey. The ultimate aim is to become more heart-centred. You want to act from a place of loving-kindness in all your interactions with your beloved. In the beginning, you’re given a brief glimpse of what you could have before you’re made to do the hard spiritual yards. You want to recapture the magic that brought you together in the first place. And it’s entirely within your grasp. Once you’ve stripped away all of the dense layers that are keeping you from expressing yourself, you’ll be left with the purest essence of your connection. It’ll feel like discovering each other all over again. Your spiritual ego and shadow will be fully integrated, and you’ll have stepped in your collective personal power. You’ll embody the sacred feminine and masculine energies in perfect harmony.

How Do You Navigate the Stages of Twin Flame Relationship (Without Getting Burned?)

The success you have in making your relationship work is going to come down to your capacity for looking at the bigger picture. If you’re someone who’s easily triggered and finds it hard letting of trivialities, you’re going to find it extremely difficult resolving differences with your twin soul.

The nature of being in a twin flame relationship is to act as the mirror of your partner and challenge their old habit patterns which are holding them back. So if you’re of a sensitive disposition, you’re going to find it being tested, frequently.

Don’t let the hard times get you down. All relationships, even those that are between twin flames, have their inflammatory moments. If you’ve been drawn towards your twin soul, know that it’s for a reason and if you can stay the course, you’ll be rewarded with a connection beyond anything you could imagine.

Remember, don’t take anything personally. Your other half isn’t trying to destroy you. They’re simply playing the role of way-shower. They’re guiding you towards a brighter future by encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you.

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How do I heal to my twin flame?

How would you feel if your only chance at happiness and healing came from another human? You had to be around them to heal or learn how to be sober, happy, find the right career, or be a good person/parent.

They had to send you healing energy or you would never find your path in life.

That’s what we do to our twin flames or runners. We decide that we have the power and knowledge and they need us. If they would only listen to us. Go to therapy, that sound healing event, or see our favorite energy healer. They will feel better and we can be together.

We know their path to happiness.

Imagine if you were dating someone who was more spiritually awoke than you and was trying to tell you what was best for you. You could be better. You could be happier. You aren’t living up to your potential. It’s really off putting. You know you have your own guidance. After all they don’t seem to have everything together themselves. Besides maybe you aren’t ready yet.

When we offer healing and help to those who don’t ask for it, we push against the universe, the river of life. It’s more about us.

When we offer help to those who ask, who are open, we are angels on earth.

People “ask” for help by being interested in healing modalities. By looking up things on their own, by asking questions to learn more. By paying for professionals.

People complaining about their lives or sharing their struggles aren’t looking for help. They are looking for validation. You can ask if they are sharing their struggles to get feedback and solutions from you, or if they need a shoulder to cry on. You might be surprised at the answer.

People repeating the same patterns over and over, or hiding from the problems are creatively and divinely protecting something that isn’t ready to be healed.

Heck, we have our own patterns as runners. They help us. Pain helps us point to our work. It has to get painful for us to look closer.

Preventing our twins from their divine pain is not our job.

In the 12 step model, rock bottom is a phrase used when an addict loses everything and is forced to see the root of the problem is their addiction. They then will likely seek help.

The healer/savior/enabler keeps them from hitting rock bottom sooner.

I’m not 100 percent convinced people need to hit rock bottom, or that we can’t be loving guidance and support along the way. We cross the line when we give up a piece of our self to prop them up. When we loose our joy and happiness worrying about them. When our dominate thought is they are wrong. They shouldn’t suffer. etc. When we send more energy and light and love to them than we do ourselves.

Our faith is totally in the other person and not in the divine and their higher self.

It’s hard I know. Impossible probably. But we are called by twin flame love to be complete faith and spirit.

(Never forget you are a 3D human who deserves to be treated with love and respect by a healthy person with a desire to love you and a desire to learn how to do that.)

I believed everything I read online years ago that I had to heal, to heal my twin. So I went nuts with healing.

I read every book in the library about love and attraction, every blog, went to therapy, group therapy, different alternative healing modalities, psychics, etc. I changed.

Our relationship would grow stronger and he would change too. But he wouldn’t change in huge ways. He was still afraid of commitment. Married to his work. Still in surface friendships. I was excelling slowly but surely.

I’ve been in other soul relationships where I was the more woke one. And the other was sorta woke. He was depressed, lost, still living a lot of lies in his day to day life. I kept him afloat with my good energy.

My good, healing energy made me feel useful. Needed. Loved. Connected.

He could continue working his crap job and collecting bad energy all day. And I could transform him when he came home to me. He didn’t have to learn how to protect his energy. He didn’t have to do the brave thing and look for a new job or cut out people that brought him down. I could cheer him up, brighten his day, feed his soul.

I did a cord cutting meditation and I saw I had a cord in him. I knew if I kept giving my bright energy to him, he would stay. If I stopped, he would leave. My thought was who would love me if I wasn’t feeding them my bright energy?

Wow. Aren’t I willing to love him depressed, addicted and broken?

But apparently I’m not lovable unless I’m vibing high, lovely, healing and helping.

I was so afraid to let that cord dissolve. I would be alone.

I’m not afraid to be alone I thought. I can travel alone, go out to eat alone, etc. But to be spiritual alone was terrifying and painful.

Nope. I was dependent on him. Dependent on his low energy to need me. Needing someone isn’t love. It’s codependency.

It’s perfectly normal to enjoy being a helper, serving and healing others. But we don’t need our clients to need us. We don’t need the homeless to need us.

Cutting cords comes up in almost all of my twin flame hypnosis sessions.

Some common themes include:

Fear of being completely alone without them

Fear of never finding that kind of love again

Fear of losing telepathic abilities

Fear of missing out on their one chance at happines

“At the heart of codependency is a disconnection from one’s own center. When we don’t feel centered, we look outwards for our balance, wellbeing, and peace. In this state of imbalance, we are likely to feel fear regarding one’s own creative potential and power.” (Mica Akullian)

Traditional enabling includes doing things for others that they can do for themselves. Such as

  • paying their bills, sending money
  • making excuses for their behavior
  • cleaning up their messes
  • blaming others for their problems (manipulative ex wives, current wives, bosses, needy kids)
  • propping them up in anyway
  • Spiritual / Twin Flame enabling includes
  • thinking about them more than yourself and your life
  • reading personal development material thinking about them, not yourself
  • sending them more spiritual healing than you send to yourself
  • trying to grow and heal to change them or for reunion
  • allowing them to treat you worse than you treat them (letting them neglect you, disappear, etc)
  • being out of integrity in your commitments (cheating to be with a twin, spending all day at work communicating or worrying about a twin)
  • letting your health suffer from fear of losing a twin or fixing the relationship
  • isolating yourself because twin flame journeys are confusing / crazy to most people
  • blaming yourself for not being in union or for your twin’s pain
  • needing validation that they feel the same way as you (excessive calls to psychics, etc)
  • being afraid to ask for help, affection, communication, commitment, or support from them
  • using twin flame sex to primarily heal and keep the twin, than for your pleasure
  • Basically we know we are being codependent when we are trying to control, change or manipulate someone.
  • When we act out of fear we know we need to shift something in ourselves.
  • fear of them being in pain
  • fear of us being alone – physically or spiritually
  • fear of destiny not playing out
  • fear of missing our one and only person
  • fear of loss
  • fear of rejection
  • fear of heart break

We are looking to act out of love. Unconditional love for ourselves first.

Regardless of the condition, we put our self-love first. Twin disrespecting and hurting you? Love yourself first and put up boundaries (which includes breaking up with them, etc).

When you learn this kind of love. You become one with yourself. Your true self. Worthy. Whole.

That is twin love. Unconditional self love. We see them and ourselves with spirit eyes.

Loving them from afar when it is required. Protecting our self and our inner child from their games.

We let them go on their journey. Knowing they will find their way home. On their own schedule. We can’t speed their recovery. We don’t want them to miss anything along the way.

We can sit in their pain, because we can sit in ours. We know we have life times together so there is no rush. There is no hope for earth reunion because whether that happens or not we are twins. It will be really great and exciting to not end up on this earth.

We can love our imperfections, just as we love theirs. We get our worth not from our healing and helping but from our just being.

We can cut cords and end codependency because we know they are whole and capable of flying on their own.

It’s in trusting in their ability to fly that we heal them. It’s by getting out of their way. It’s by coming out from behind our fear based healing mask and being naked and raw. That’s how we heal ourselves and them.

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Do twin flames heal at the same time?

As I have mentioned many times already, the Twin Flame dynamic is in a league of it’s own. Magical, mystical, unbelievable, and otherworldly things happens. It truly is like stepping into a new universe where the rules as you once used to know them has completely changed… It is magical and mystical and deeply fulfilling with the amounts of love cascading over you, but at the same time it is scary stuff. And you seem to enter this energy, seemingly alone, armed with nothing else than your hopes and dreams, and lessons of the past. It leaves you confused and excited at the same time. It contains all and nothing. You are all alone and you are divinely connected. With many ambivalent emotions going one at the same time, and while the body is processing it all, you are just trying to hold on to dear mother earth for dear life…

Entwined at the roots

At the same time as you are trying to remain grounded in all this, your twin flame is also taking steps to upgrade his or her energetic vibration and probably also going through soundalike awakening on their own. This is how the twin flame dynamic works on the two of you. You are one soul trying to merge the two bodies. This is what the twin flame union is all about, becoming one. Your energies are intertwined, and you are always attached at the roots. This means what ever you do to deal with your own issues and challenges, this will also affect your twin. This is the spiraling dance, as long as you move, expand and vibrate ever higher, so will your twin. Your energies are forever entwined. He or she is not a mirror reflection of you, rather he or she is responding to your energetic vibration, your increased frequency of love. Take responsibility for your own life and walk the talk, then you will find as you heal your twin does too.

The dynamic goes back and forth and spirals upwards as you evolve

Even if you are still not in physical union, and you might not even have met yet, this is how the divine feminine and the divine masculine within the two of you ignite each other, through the beautiful spiraling dance. You will both of you have memories to transmute, and old templates to transform as you rid yourselves of the old belief systems concerning love, relationships, and sexuality. and everything you do not need anymore. Everything that doesn’t serve you as your energy vibrates higher.

It is the caterpillar becoming the butterfly

Both of you will go through, before union, -and after, trials and initiations. You will be doing them one by one, and you do them for yourself and your twin for him or herself. Twin flames are not perfect , we still live in physical bodies and go through the school of life on planet earth, and lessons take place as the personality evolves and stretches. This is not dependent on being in union with your twin, quite the contrary, and your mission together is not dependent on the two of you being in union either.

As twin flames come together they seem to activate each other

There are of course many things you can do to heal your twin, but the number one thing you have to remember is to take responsibility for your own shit… It is all too easy to project to your twin what is wrong with them and what they should do. But this is not how the healing takes place between the two of you. You need to look at and deal with your own issues. In my own amazingly beautiful twin flame journey I have noticed that as I bravely expand into this and heal myself, my twin flows in perfect harmony with me through it. It is beyond words how this works, it just does. My beloved and I seem to respond to each others energies and he always responds to the changes in me and we keep flowing together in the river of love, totally trusting. It feels like auto correct of the energies!

You heal your twin by responding to your own life lessons, trials and tests and by dealing with the challenges as they come to your attention. But still, I would like to give you a few tools to help you expand your heart and reach out to your twin, and help healing him or her. Whenever you send loving thoughts and feelings his or her way, you will heal your twin. Your twin will feel it. You do not have to be a healer to do this, it is your loving intention that radiates to him or her.

3 Simple exercises to heal your twin

I will give you 3 simple exercises you can do to connect and heal your twin, even if you are not in union, even if you have not even met yet. This is how powerful this energy of love is. It transcends everything, it moves mountains and it is unstoppable. Miracles happen as you both heal.

Eyegazing. Close your eyes. Imagine you sit in lotus, facing him or her, look into your twin’s eyes. Feel into the energy of him or her. Send love and healing 2- 5 minutes every day.
Close your eyes. Connect to each chakra, also the new ones. Imagine your chakras merging one by one. See them fill with light and see your twin in a shower of the purest light.
Sit in lotus, with your eyes closed. Then lift your hand up, visualize your twin sitting in lotus facing you, and touch his or her heart with the palm of you hand. Now send the purest love to the heart of your twin. Practice this until you feel your heart filled with love for each other, and everything.
This will strengthen your connection further, and make you ready for union. Excited? Magic and mystic magnificence follows! It just has to when you hear the call, step up the game and do your part. Blessed blissful union to you.

What makes the Twin Soul connection unique
All Twin Soul dogma aside, one thing that you can really count on when you have met your Twin Soul is that you are each other’s exact matching vibrational frequency not just for now, or for a couple of years, not even just for this lifetime but throughout eternity.

Although this lifetime is basically enough for now, right?

Because you are this EXACT vibrational frequency match and are blueprinted that way, any jump in frequency you make has to be followed by your vibrational frequency twin, aka your Twin Soul because otherwise you would not match each other’s vibrational frequency anymore which is the core essence of your connection to each other.

There might be a slight time lag between your jump in frequency and that of your twin, but if you really did make that jump they will as well within around 6 – 12 months maximum.

No, that does not mean that you will be together as a (romantic) couple in that said time period, this journey is not primarily about romance. If you are not sure why this is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to better understand the Twin Soul journey.

In fact using romance as a yard stick, to measure how well your Twin Soul connection is progressing is in fact the worst tool to assess progress on this journey. That is like trying to measure length with a scale, it can’t be done. A scale measures weight, not length or height.

It may seem like Twin Souls together in a romantic relationship are further along than those who are not, but this is an illusion. The souls use distance and closeness to trigger the twin couples mutual wounding and in fact a longer period of separation, can actually foster a more harmonious being together when the twin pair does become a romantic couple.

The more they have been able to clear while apart, the less that get’s triggered while together.

So don’t think you are doing something wrong if you and your twin are out of contact, you are just on a different part of your journey than those twins who are already together .

Why this certainly doesn’t seem to be the case
One of the biggest fears of the Divine Feminine, next to ‘him’ not being her twin after all or not having the romantic outcome she craves – is the fear that she does all this healing and it was all for naught, because of la-la-la-la [Fill in the blank].

And you can’t blame them because there are two things at play that make this fear seem very real in their 3D experience of the physical reality they live in.

The first is very cliche, but still applies so much to men these days and that is that they have been so strongly conditioned to hide their true emotions out of fear of being ridiculed or being seen as less of a man.

This leads to above image in which no matter if a guy is dying inside, unless you know him really well and he feels safe with you, he is not going to show you his inner turmoil.

For example I recently spoke to my twin’s best friend for the very first time since my twin got married to someone else over a year ago. The friend had not wanted to get caught in the middle and put his relationship with me on hold, until he felt things had blown over. Little did he know, right? He was shocked to hear that even after marriage my twin’s feelings for me had not blown over and so I said to him that things had actually not worked out as my twin was not happy in his marriage. The best friend said ‘He looks happy to me.’

Men often not only don’t show their emotions in their facial expression like women, they also find it much more difficult to read the emotions showed in facial expression (Which has been scientifically researched read more about it here).

So chances are your twin will ‘look’ fine as if he has no issues – but that actually doesn’t say anything about how he feels deep inside.

My twin told me his coping mechanism the last time we talked and that was to bury himself in his work and not allow himself to think about things because he feared a depression if he allowed it all to get to him. My twin is not unique in dealing with his problems in this way, it is a very typical way for especially men to deal with their emotions because they never learned how to deal with them properly. They were taught to suck it up and act as a ‘man’ which meant shutting off their emotions.

The other factor that makes it seem like nothing is shifting short term is the fact that energetical shifts and that is what healing work comes down to – it’s deeply shifting your energy, takes time to work through in the physical.

Just like when you plant a seed it takes time to grow and doesn’t show any signs of growth until it starts breaking through the earth surface. It doesn’t mean nothing is happening underground though, it just means you can’t see the growth yet because if you would dig up the seed to check it’s growth you would likely kill it. So you leave it untouched and trust that it will at some point grow above the earth surface and become what it is meant to be.

When it comes to our Twin Soul connection we are often scratching in the dirt, digging up those sprouting seeds because we don’t trust the process and killing our progress through our fear that our seeds aren’t taking root.

Why? Because the vibrational frequency of fear undoes all our hard work we did in raising our vibrational frequency in the first place. Even if we made a quantum shift in frequency, we knock ourselves x levels back when we allow fear to get the best of us.

Fear is just the ultimate Debbie Downer to your vibrational frequency and it takes you out instantly.

How fear shows up and takes you out
Fear shows up in a myriad of ways on the Twin Soul journey, yet no matter how it shows up – it is always BS.

I’ll tell you why, because there is in fact NOTHING happening outside of you.

Everything you are witnessing as your external reality i.e. your day to day life is a reflection of what YOU believe and hold to be true inside of you.

I have had people refuse to do the inner work because, their twin was currently with someone else and they didn’t want the new person benefiting from all the hard work they would do on themselves and that would have a knock-on effect on the twin. In other words they didn’t want their twin to become a better person and have someone else reap the rewards of that. So they chose rather to stay stuck in hell, not understanding that if they actually really did make that vibrational shift their twin would not choose to stay with a so called ‘karmic’ partner.

It all starts with you, if you don’t move then you will just stay stuck.

Also here there are two things to take into account.

The first is that the Divine feminine goes first in the Twin Soul process, but watch out even if you were born with a punani and breasts to match – it doesn’t mean you are automatically the Divine feminine. Some couples have the dynamic reversed and same sex couples will have the same gender obviously but one will be the Divine feminine and the other the Divine masculine, no matter what they are or aren’t packing down there.

So if you are the Divine feminine in your Twin Soul relationship, you take the lead in the healing process and you simply can’t wait for your Divine masculine to go first because that is just not part of the soul agreement you made. He promised to trigger the living sh*t out of you. He also chose to be more or less consciously oblivious to the Twin Soul process, in order to be able to play his part and you agreed to be the one consciously aware of the connection and process forging ahead in the healing process, which helps your twin go through the same shift but then having no clue whatsoever what is happening.

Kind of like ‘Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels’ but in Twin Soul lingo it’s ‘The Divine masculine goes through everything the Divine feminine goes through, but then blindfolded and from the opposite perspective.’

Just because your twin is not consciously aware of the connection or the healing process doesn’t make him/her not an active participant on your mutual journey (another big fear). They just play a different role than you do, they are experiencing everything you are from the opposite perspective.

The other factor that will keep you STUCK (in capitols) on your journey is waiting, ladies.

The Universe does nothing with waiting except put everything on God d*mn hold! Now waiting is a very sneaky frequency, because chances are you are still somewhat in waiting mode despite the fact that you are actively out there moving ahead, grabbing life by the balls and creating a reality you love.

So, you need to be very vigilant and catch yourself when you are in waiting mode because it is a surefire recipe to get NOWHERE fast.

The Twin Soul journey is paradoxically not about waiting till your twin changes their mind and comes back to you. It is about you becoming ALL that you are meant to be and that drumroll please….., forces him to become ALL he is meant to be.

When he becomes all he is meant to be, he ain’t going to settle for less than a partner who is f*cking standing in her power and shining her light so BIG – it’s visible in other galaxies.

Any previous relationship he had with someone else will disappear into thin air, because he and that person now life in two different vibrational realities.

Florence Scovel Shinn talks about this phenomenon in her book Your word is your wand.

‘Unless marriage is built upon the rock of oneness it cannot stand; “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”

The poet understood this, for unless man and wife are living the same thoughts (or living in the same thought world), they must inevitably drift apart.

Thought is a tremendous vibratory force and man is drawn to his thought creations.’

This applies whether your twin is or isn’t in a relationship with someone else. Because you have the exact same vibrational frequency blueprint – when you step into your greatness, it will pull him to step up into his greatness as well.

Just so we are all clear on what waiting looks like…

  • It’s getting psychic readings constantly to see where he is at
  • It’s waiting for Divine timing New moons, Full moons, eclipses, galactic gateways and what not
  • It’s reading weekly forecasts, yes even the ones written by Cassady Cayne…..
  • It’s watching YouTube readings just trying to figure out when he will be back
  • and so on….
  • It is everything where you are not getting your *ss aligned to who you truly are and ALL that you are meant to be and that should be YOUR ONLY FOCUS because that is what reaching the finish line of this journey looks like.

The finish line is not romantic bliss with your twin.

We simply did not incarnate in this life only to experience how great it is to have sex with our Twin Soul and surprisingly when you have done your inner work, sex is taken to a COMPLETE new level.

Honey, once you have unf*cked yourself from believing in your own limitedness – you will understand the true meaning of bliss!

So why can’t you just have romance first and figure all the rest out later?
How have your romantic relationships worked out for you so far? Have you gotten what you wanted from love?

I know your answer is going to be ‘No’, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Just really simple – If your current outside reality reflects what you believe and hold to be true inside of you, which is how this Universe works – then all your previous romantic relationships were a reflection of what you believed and held to be true about love and the opposite sex (same sex partners of course for lesbians and gays).

This would also mean that unless you upgrade those beliefs and released your fears and false beliefs, your romantic relationship with your Twin Soul would be a copy of those previous relationships multiplied by 10 – because the Twin Soul connection magnifies everything x fold to help you bring it into your conscious awareness so that it can be healed.

In short your dreams of Heaven on Earth would be shattered and unattainable because you are still running on the outdated romantic love program which is incompatible with the higher love programming that you and your twin are bringing in on planet Earth.

It’s like trying to run iOS (Apple software) on your Android phone, two completely different operating systems that are not compatible.

When I was in New York recently I had to work through a massive teenage trauma from this lifetime that was connected to one of my core wound past lives. This traumatic experience heavily linked to the States where I grew up, despite being Dutch had left me feeling unsafe in the world. My mother and I were part of a church organisation that was preparing for a nuclear apocalypse in the late ’80’s.

Reliving this trauma and allowing all my repressed fear to be felt also created a pivotal shift between me and my twin.

Above all it showed me why I have not been with a partner for the past 9,5 years or so or why I couldn’t have been with my twin before this. Because until I shifted this deep pattern inside of me, I would have recreated the same relationship dynamic I have had with my previous partners which had not worked with them either.

In order to align to the higher expression of love I am wanting to call into my life, this deep wounding had to be healed. I was actually on a business trip to New York, that funnily enough brought me to the place I had last been just before the trauma occurred. It was the last place I had been this carefree and fun-loving teenager and it was almost as if I had to go back to the States where I hadn’t been all these years since last visiting my mother there as a 15 year old, to retrieve that lost inner child aspect of me.

I have never had daddy issues in the classical way, the oldest guy I have ever been with was mid thirties. Yet because of that teenage trauma I would look for a daddy to protect me in my romantic relationships. Both of my parents basically fed me to the wolves as a teenager unintentionally of course. They both wanted the best for me – it just played out differently. So by the time I was 16 I moved in with my first serious boyfriend and later to be husband who then raised me as his wife/daughter. Definitely what I needed as a 16 year old, but of course leading to massive clashes as I did start maturing and seeking autonomy.

Marriage number two wasn’t as completely dysfunctional as this first one, but those subconscious inner child wounds wreaked havoc anyway because you simply cannot have an adult love relationship with a 15 year old terrified little girl inside of you that you are not even aware of carrying with you.

With that 15 year old inner child healed and reintegrated I can for the first time in my life have an equal relationship with a partner, instead of creating a parent-child kind of dynamic in my love life which now finally opens up the possibility to have the love experience I seek with my twin or someone better.

How can you be sure your twin will shift too?
Although it can seem hard to assess where your twin is at in their process, given that you won’t find much evidence in 3D, I find the Universe is ingenious in the way it will keep you in the loop of your twins progress mirroring back your own shifts in energy.

You do not have to go out of your way to get this info, it will come to you.

As soon as you go looking for this confirmation you are shifting back into fear, which is the equivalent of digging up the seeds to check if they are taking root (which actually unroots them).

So don’t go to psychics or healers to see where he/she is at, because you aren’t doing this for them or to get them back. You are doing this for you and to create the reality experience that reflects back to you what you seek.

After I came back from New York I had a session with a coach I work with every now and then, who looks at our current energy and the things I need to work on in myself. I had booked the session before I left for New York, to see where I am at now in my process and where there are still internal blocks that I need to address. She of course also taps into his energy and it will likely not surprise you that as I was working out my inner child issues in the States – he is currently working out this exact dynamic in his marriage where his wife (my ultimate stand in) is massively repelling him by trying to work out her daddy issues with him.

In other words he is working on releasing his side of the dynamic which have made him a vibrational match for women with daddy issues, as I am releasing my patterning that made me want my partner to show up as a daddy for my previously terrified teenager who was told the world was going to end.

Every time I make a massive shift in vibrational frequency, one to two weeks later I will work with a client who will then reflect back to me that my twin is making that shift as well. The client will either be Indian, facing the same issues as my twin or it is the exact same breakthrough one of my male clients makes that I had just made myself. To be honest only 5% of my clients are guys (so I don’t get to work with them often), so it is even more unique that sessions that have been scheduled out for weeks then seem to perfectly reflect shifts I didn’t even know I would be making at the time they were booked.

In another session recently the healer asked my twin to show her if he had a message for me and he showed her something that seemed random and made no sense to her, it wouldn’t make sense to most – unless you know the Indian culture to which my twin is born, because then you would understand how pivotal it was what he showed her. It was such a conformation of how deeply our energies are shifting and confirmed that me be willing to face my deepest fears, was inspiring him to face his own deepest fears.

The thing is that we need to learn to see these vague not yet manifested in the physical signs of the energy shifting, as the plant growing under the soil and about to break through the earth surface. Yet, often we doubt them because they haven’t fully manifested. They don’t look like a big plant yet. You can’t see the full end result at this moment, but that does not mean that the energy is not deeply shifting.

So instead of focusing on where he/she is at, focus on yourself and stepping into that greater version of you because doing that is like tending your garden and making sure that the seeds you have planted will grow in their own time through the loving care that you give.

In fact I have noticed every time I start to randomly obsess about him out of nowhere and with full on intensity, it’s my own wounds pulling me into my healing. It also happened just before New York and I had no intention of going into my own wounds over there. Geeze I thought I had already healed this, I had no idea there was a deeper layer of trapped emotions that needed to be released.

I had come to attend an event and work with clients, I had no clue New York would trigger the hell out of me leading to massive panic attacks and vomiting all over the freaking place.

It just goes to show you how guided an perfectly designed this journey is. I could have not healed this dynamic in a relationship, because my subconscious pattern was to make my partner a parent. My twin who had never been in a serious relationship when we met, could not have worked out his end of the dynamic without being in a marriage first where all of this got triggered.

Romantic relationships based on daddy or mommy issues hardly ever get transformed into equal partnerships, instead they lead to one of the partners outgrowing the dynamic. Which makes this a dynamic that you can hardly heal while being together as a couple.

Even if my twin and I don’t end up in a romantic relationship, I get what I want anyway because no matter who comes into my life now as a lover, they will resonate at the frequency of equal partnership and higher love because unlike when I met my Twin Soul – I now resonate at this frequency.

I can now give equality in a relationship because I re-parented my terrified inner teenager and I don’t need to have a partner show up as a parent anymore, to make her feel safe.

I hope and pray that sharing my story with you will support you on your journey with your beloved. Though each journey looks different, some things are the same for everyone and that applies to this dynamic for example.

If this person is truly your Twin Soul you don’t ever need to fear that he or she won’t be able to keep up with you, because your wiring (the vibrational blueprint you share) – is rigged that way.

If you really shift, your twin will shift too.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union process; join the School of Inner Union, the Mystery School for modern day Initiates on the Inner Union and Ascension path. In this soul-deep healing container, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources and support to heal the wounded ego, as well as walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. It’s only from a place of inner union, that we can create Heaven on Earth and fully manifest the life that is ours by Divine right. Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise, is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

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what are the signs of healing with twin flames

Ultimate Guide to Twin Flame Healing

We’ll get into why a little later on but twin flame healing is one of the most important and still least talked about parts of the whole journey. So what is it, why is it so important and how can you begin your twin flame healing process?

The entire purpose of a twin flame journey is healing. Both you and your twin have to heal past and inner pain before you’ll be able to reach union.

Truly understanding the twin flame healing process is the difference between endlessly hanging around waiting for them to ‘figure it out’ and actually taking action to do what you need to do to take that next step together.

The Warning: Your Journey is Stuck Without Healing
If you’ve spent any time looking into the twin flame journey you can’t have missed the pattern of becoming stuck in your journey.

  • Constantly questioning why your twin flame doesn’t get it. Why they’re still in a karmic relationship with someone else.
  • Constantly dealing with the physical and emotional pain of being apart.
  • Constantly looking for readings or external guidance (yes, even ones from me) without ever actually doing anything to take steps in the right direction.
  • Constantly looking to a third party twin flame healer to do the work for you.
  • If you’re really feeling stuck in your journey, take a moment and get a twin flame reading for further guidance on your path towards union.

I know how painful separation phases can be. I know from first-hand experience and the literal thousands of people I’ve heard from on different stages of this journey.

But you won’t escape this pattern of just waiting if you don’t take accountability for your own healing.

And this pattern of becoming stuck and falling into the routine of just waiting and doing nothing drives me mad. I can completely sympathize with the pain you’re dealing with but that doesn’t let you off the hook.

Do you really want to reach union with your twin? Then hear me out.

Why This Isn’t Talked About
I’m obviously not the only person talking about the twin flame healing process but I do spend a lot of time talking to people about twin flames and I see the same patterns over and over again.

There’s a huge trend to do one of two things.

Only focus on the positive benefits of a twin flame connection.
Only talk about the struggle ad heartache of a twin flame journey.
Sure, this kind of unconditional love is absolutely worth talking about but we can’t just gloss over the difficult parts along the way. And that’s exactly why this part of the twin flame process is so commonly ignored. Because it’s difficult.

I’ve brought up twin flame healing in the past and I know for a fact that most people don’t want to hear it. Nobody likes being told there’s hard work to be done.

Being in that position sucks. The only way I can truly help is to get you to understand how important this healing is to your twin flame journey and get you to take it seriously. When people immediately switch off (and I can see from the stats on this page some only do skim this far and go looking for an easy answer) you’re going to remain stuck in this endless loop.

There’s no moving on to the twin flame union unless you understand this simple idea. If you’re in separation, you’ve healing to do.

If you’re still with me, I’m glad. The advice I give you is going to be hard, damn work but we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

healing a twin flame connection
The How: Healing a Twin Flame Connection
If you’ve skipped this far down please make sure you’ve read the section above. It’s important for both you and your twin’s sake.

Looking to the Long Term

A twin flame separation does not have a set time limit. Some journeys may only experience it once while, for others, it might happen multiple times. It might last days or decades.

While it can be painful the simple truth is it will continue to happen until you’re both ready.

And we have to look at the long term. Every time we take a step back and fall into old patterns we’re delaying the journey even more. Doubt is a common part of the path you’re on but you need to trust the process and continue your focus long-term if you ever hope to make it through.

Here’s the thing nobody says often enough. The twin flame journey isn’t easy.

Well, that’s partly a lie. In some ways, it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve ever done and looking back at all the doubts and struggles I went through in the earlier stages there’s no question in my mind I made the right choices.

But nobody can do the twin flame process for you. Your twin (at least their higher self) can certainly help but considering they’re just the other half of your soul I stand by that statement – nobody else can do it for you.

This kind of connection and unconditional love is worth the work – but we have to look at the entire process and not just ‘how to do I get my runner twin flame to phone me’.

Part of this healing is about looking beyond the current pain and hurt. We need to let go and surrender ourselves.

twin flame healing meditation

Sure, there is nothing quite like twin flame love. Nobody in this world feels the same way about me as my twin does and, on some level, the same is true for you and your twin flame no matter what stage you’re on.

But she is the other half of my soul. I can’t expect her to love me if I don’t love myself. In order to fully heal my past hurt, I need to first accept that they exist and this is easier said than done.

As humans, no matter how honest we are, we lie to ourselves. We’re taught as children that lying is bad but our brain is hardwired to avoid some unpleasant truths. We tell ourselves lies constantly and the first real step in accepting love and healing with others is to be honest with ourselves.

This takes real time and effort.

There is no one single way to do this. Twin flames healing has no simple A to Z roadmap to follow. Personally, I always advise meditation and astral projection while others prefer to use specific tools like focusing on a kundalini awakening, using crystals for twin flames or the twin flame mirror exercise. This part of the journey, like most of it, is entirely unique to you and your twin so don’t pigeonhole yourself based on what anyone says and that includes me.

If you find something which works well for you and is helping you continue your journey then keep doing it. Self-love isn’t easy, embracing your inner child is harder still. Working through past life hurt and accepting yourself truly is not something that is going to happen overnight.

But here’s the good news. As you focus on yourself and your own healing – you’re going to see your twin doing the same thing.

Get a Reading

If you want some further guidance on your journey, take a moment to share the details of your path.

Step 1 of 3
I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and there’s one thing I see constantly

No two twin flame journeys are ever exactly the same. Sure, we talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are always variations.

The path to your twin flame union is full of pitfalls. False twin flames, doubt and painful separation phases. It can be the hardest thing we’ll ever go through – and it’s still worth it in the end.

We have a lot of guides and stories on twin flame journeys but, if you need it, I also do custom twin flame readings to get as much insight as I can into your journey.

I can help pinpoint if you’ve met your twin flame already, if you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame or what you need to do to meet them if you haven’t already.

Just answer honestly and with as much detail as possible. Anything you tell me will be in the strictest confidence.

Please note this is a custom reading based on your journey and can take up to 24 hours to prepare and send to you.

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